Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is a STUPENDOUS Day!!!!

You can’t read the Healing Spell until July 1st but you can get a sneak peek by watching
the new and fabulous book trailer!!

To help more people see this trailer and get excited about The Healing Spell I’m holding a VERY COOL contest. 
And it's easy peasy. Just email the trailer to all the people in your address book, blog about it, Tweet about it, Facebook about it, Goodreads about it. 

On July 15th post your results (how many times you emailed the trailer, blogged about it, Tweeted it, and wrote about it on Facebook), along with your name and email address as a comment on this blog. 
 The three people with the highest results win this
fabulous prize package.
 Help me make history!
My crazy goal is to get 10,000 views of the trailer!!!!!
The trailer is a MAJOR labor of love. The original music, the sound effects, the Cajun girl voice-over, the special swamp sounds, the recording, and the full production of the trailer is all done by the completely awesome and amazing people at Nua Music. They are so talented and you definitely want them for your book trailer! Go to their Contact Page on the website and call up Cindy-Rae or Bet to start YOUR trailer today!

The prize package contains:

1 Autographed copy of The Healing Spell!
1 Autographed copy of The Last Snake Runner!
1 copy of a Barbara O'Connor book - my favorite southern middle-grade writer! (Your Choice of Greetings from Nowhere or How To Steal a Dog or The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis)
1 Super Soft and Very Cute T-Baby Swamp Gator From Stuffed Safari
1 Giant bag of M&Ms
1 Box of Twizzlers

The contest runs from TODAY, June 28th to Thursday, July 15th so start emailing, blogging, Tweeting, and writing on Facebook!

Thank you, thank you for helping me spread the word!
I've been working on this novel for 7 years and I wasn't sure it would ever become a real book so this is a day of pure joy!


Rose Cooper said...

I LOVE your book trailer! It sets the perfect tone and makes me want to read your book right now! I can't wait till it comes out! Nice job!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Gosh, thanks so much, Rose! It has been way fun to create and Nua Music Design people are FANTASTIC and so talented! So if you ever need someone keep them in mind. :-)

And that's so funny what you said about how the trailer makes you want to read the book now because that's exactly what my editor said when we sent her the trailer a couple months back.

AND Scholastic is going to offer a FREE download of the full 4 minute "Treater Woman" music on their website for my book's launch tomorrow!!! I'm so psyched!!!

Rori =) said...

Kim, I love the book trailer! What an awesome job you and Nua music did. I can hardly wait to get the book, sounds great!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Gosh, thanks, Rori!!! You made my day! :-)

Elie said...

The trailer looks wonderful!

Kirsten said...

I emailed 144 people on Facebook directly and posted it on my wall. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback and people who also want to come to your book party in November! Can't wait!

RaShelle said...

I blogged several days ago about this amazing trailer. I didn't know there was a contest, but I'll take treats anytime. I tweeted and fb'd just now. And I'm gonna do it again and again and again. LOL. Is that terrible? hee hee.



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