Thursday, June 10, 2010

The story behind the story! SEA debuts today!!!

I met Heidi Kling at the 2007 SCBWI national conference in LA. We had *met* online previously and exchanged emails, but it was very exciting to meet one of my new online buddies in person - and Heidi was super fun and we hit it off right away. I also met her critique group friends from the Bay Area and we spent a lot of time hanging out together, having meals, chatting, talking books, but what was even MORE exciting was that DURING the conference she got a VERY EXCITING PHONE CALL FROM HER AGENT - she had AN OFFER from Putnam on her manuscript, SEA!

It doesn't get better than THAT!

CONGRATULATIONS, Heidi!!! You did it!

And it's a beautiful book.



RaShelle said...

Hey, so I'm such a ding dong and having serious stress because I really wanted to come to your party and then I take a GOOD look at the date and realized it's in JULY. Like I said, ding dong. Let me know though and I'd love to come. Email is rashelleworkmanatgmaildotcom. Thanks for the invite.
pa: Congrats to your friend as well. The cover looks great! Romantic. =D

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hey, no problem at all - that sounds like me! LOL! I'll be doing an official Event notification on Facebook. Gotta get on that. Been working on my snail mail invites for relatives in Utah and the MG blog and trying to write a new book . . . and get ready for launch parties and write book talks . . . nervously biting fingernails!



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