Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I've been doing since Christmas Eve

Cooking and eating and doing dishes and cooking and eating and doing dishes and running around with the kids and hubby and trying to have my long winter's nap as well as do some READING of my huge stack of books!!!

There is lots to post about but I'm not home long enough to do anything but - cook and eat and clean up! Oh - and grocery shopping. I swear I'm at Albertson's practically every day of the week. I should get an award for Best Customer. And then I almost forgot to pay the bills.

Christmas gifts and photos, the 2008 wrap-up, and my New Year's Goals are comiiiiiiiiing . . . . .

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In which I will cook and eat and do dishes once again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Beautiful Christmas Video

I just wanted to share some of the spirit of our Savior's birth with all of you - the reason for everything. He actually did live - and He still lives and directs God's Plan of Salvation and happiness for us. We can become anything we want to become because of Him and His love for us. He gave us this world, the lives we enjoy, our agency, our talents and blessings and families and friends. Come unto Christ this year. The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2, tells the story of his birth. Snuggle up with your family on Christmas Eve and enjoy the story together.

If you don't own a copy of The New Testament you can find the story here: The Birth of Jesus Christ

Wishing you a peaceful, warm and loving Christmas!

With much love,

P. S. Donny Osmond sings the music on the video and it's gorgeous.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Author, Great Book, Great Contest!!!

FAR FROM YOU release celebration and contest!

Lisa Schroeder, author of I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, is celebrating the release of her upcoming YA novel, FAR FROM YOU, and hosting a contest with LOTS of great prizes!

For three days leading up to the book’s release date of December 23rd, you can watch VLOGs and hear some excerpts read from the book. The VLOG schedule is as follows:

Sunday, December 21st – Liv’s Book Reviews -

Monday, December 22nd – What Vanessa Reads -

Tuesday, December 23rd – Lisa Schroeder, author - AND

Help spread the word, and you might win a fabulous prize!

Copy and paste THIS entire blog entry into your blog between now and December 21st, then come back to Lisa’s blog at either Livejournal OR Myspace and leave a comment with the link to your blog and you will get TWO enteries to win a number of prizes.

Wondering what you might win? Here is the list (there will be multiple winners):

~ An Advanced Review Copy of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, by Carrie Ryan

~ An Advanced Review Copy of SOMETHING, MAYBE, by Elizabeth Scott

~ Young adult novel GIRL, HERO by Carrie Jones

~ Young adult novel, THE POSSIBILITIES OF SAINTHOOD by Donna Freitas

~ Young adult novel, UGLIES by Scott Westerfield

~ Pair of YA fairy tale retellings by Cameron Dokey (BELLE and BEFORE MIDNIGHT)

~ TWILIGHT movie soundtrack

~ $15.00 Barnes and Noble gift card along with some Harry & David’s chocolate moose munch

~ And of course, a signed copy of FAR FROM YOU

For more chances to win, watch one or all of the VLOGs and leave a comment on that vlogger’s page, and you get another entry. That means if you post the schedule on your blog AND comment on all three VLOGs, you can have FIVE entries for the contest!

A live drawing with winners announced will be done by Lisa Thursday morning, December 24th, in a special holiday VLOG.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Buy Books!!!

So far I've bought these for Christmas gifts and I'm so excited to give them out!

Book buying is way fun. And keeps us all in business!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm in love . . .

Please Santa can I have this for Christmas???? Pretty please????

(Go to link for cool demos)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Mondays Get a Bad Rap

Or maybe that should be a bad REP.

Mondays, for me, are usually full of possibility. I get home from teaching my early morning class and tidy up (why is the kitchen always cluttered with dirty dishes again after I've already *done* the dishes the night before? I fear I live with midnight snackers who have not been taught how to stick their cups and plates into the dishwasher sitting right under their nose) and check my email and skim some blogs and think about all the things I'm dreaming about accomplishing.

It's a New Week.

A Fresh Start.

New Goals.

New Schedule.

A Clean Day Planner. (Well, make that a CLEANER day-planner before it all gets filled in).

I love writing down my chores and errands AND THEN CROSSING THEM OUT. That's the best part.

Not that I usually ACHIEVE my writing goals - but the POSSIBILITY is always full of promise.

I just need to get better about keeping the promises I make to myself.

Maybe I should just take Gertrude Stein's advice: "It takes a heap of loafing to write a book."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just, um, Wow.

Wow, it's December already. Big breath here.

I've done nothing, absolutely NOTHING yet about Christmas. This happens to me every year. December hits as I'm frantically revising a novel and I have 3 weeks to do ALL the shopping, ALL the decorating, ALL the long-distance mailing, ALL the Christmas cards, ALL the baking, ALL the parties and church events, YOU NAME IT - I STILL GOTTA DO IT!!!

And I'm way behind on some promised emails . . . and I have my Classic Book Club this week . . . and the doctor . . . and a wedding . . .

And I came home from Arizona to 375 Bloglines to read and 12 pages of LJ Friends . . . Becky's Book Reviews had 24 posts alone! How does she do that in 4 days and still cook a turkey??? That's what I want to know. So spill it, Becky!


The Albuquerque Public Schools has invited A WHOLE SLEW of local children's/YA authors come TODAY to the Albuquerque Museum for a "Meet and Greet and Get to Know the Author Afternoon. Officially called Author Illustrator Winter Fest!

Come on down and see my books and what I do for school/library visits and chat and have some holiday goodies. I was invited last year and it was way fun.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2008, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Road.



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