Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Under my skin

Oh, the joys and the banes of computers. My computer for online stuff with all my accounts and addresses crashed in March. And I mean CRASHED! Nothing is recoverable. Need to purchase a whole new system. Which hasn't happened yet because of college looming this fall.

So . . . that's why I disappered from my blog. Plus I've had some very stiff writing deadlines. I'm happy to report that I have two complete novels out making the rounds of publishers as of a month ago. With a third nearly finished and a proposal for a fourth and a synopsis for a fifth. Feels good.

I go back to research and begin character sketches end of this week for my ancient Egyptian novel based on the short story, The Mummy Tent, I recently sold to Cricket Magazine. I'm chomping at the bit to get going on it, but I need to keep my attention on this rewrite for The Healing Spell. As of Friday I am *done* rewriting this book. It's going to stay out until it sells. I know there is an editor out there just waiting for it. All I have to do is find her.

Other good news: Got our tickets to go to Bulgaria in October to pick up my son from his mission. We're also going to hit Istanbul, Turkey, and England to visit cousins on the way home. We'll be gone 18 days. But mostly I can't wait to hug my son. It will be 25 months since I'll have seen him - since September 2004. Pick-up day is October 11th at 9:00 a.m. in Sofia, Bulgaria. Needless to say, October will be a non-writing month this year.

It's hot in the house already. A quick shower and then it's time to hit the rewrites once more. The manuscript is lookin' good though. My almost twelve-year-old character, Livie Moulaison, is under my skin.

What's under yours today?



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