Friday, September 22, 2006

Ancient Egypt

Thebes, Malqata, Valley of the Kings, Ancient Egyptian gardens, the City of Aten, Egyptian medicinal practices, Amun the god of Kings . . . just a few things I've been researching like a mad woman the last couple of months.

I've got a stack of 15 books about Egypt and King Tut sitting practically under my feet that I read during the summer. I also keep having to refer to many of them as I'm drafting. Yes, I finally started writing the new book. Trying to get words to flow through my brain and out my fingers onto the keyboard is scary, daunting, and this time around even SLOWER than usual. Disconcerting, but I'm telling myself to enjoy the process. Some things can't be rushed. Even if it stinks and will have to be rewritten a dozen times.

I still have this crazy goal to finish the entire first draft no later than October 7th. Yes, two weeks from today. Yeah, right, you're thinking. Because I leave October 9th for Bulgaria to pick up my son from his mission. YAY!!! I'll be gone nearly three weeks so I'm going to start pushing myself.

Meanwhile, The Healing Spell went out to 5 houses. Another project done, and out the door with prayers, hopes, and some fairy dust sprinkled on the envelope. Think that will last until it gets to New York?

Bigger question: will it work? :-)



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