Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey, Everybody!

Hello and Welcome to my newest followers! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're joining me here.

I've been a bit AWOL the past few weeks which has never happened before since I started blogging. I took a trip out of state to pick up a car and ended up staying for nearly two weeks with my mother (for various reasons).

THEN I came home to another insanely crazy-making, ulcer-inducing, mind-blowing writing deadline. I got my first editorial letter for my 2012 YA novel - and due to the market and a variety of things too long to explain here, we're revamping the book formerly known as Secret Rites of the Goddess (it will be getting a new title), in some major ways.

So I've been re-thinking the focus and the plot. The setting, characters and the belly dancing are all staying! But I need to rewrite the entire thing with the new focus, cut many, many scenes, and write at least 60-70 pages of new material.

And do it in only four weeks.

It's currently sitting at 300 pages. Very little of the new material needed has been written yet. I'm at Page 118 and most of the new stuff is still coming up.

Problems arise . . . a very, very , very bad cold the past week. Company last weekend. And my trip next week to Utah for the LDStorymakers Conference and the Whitney Award Banquet - which I'm super, duper excited about!

So take away at least a week or more of potential writing days and it makes me one crazy girl!
I also sorta hate writing on my laptop in the car while we drive 12 hours. The laptop slips around, is heavy, and gets *hot*. Then I get a bit queasy . . . :-)

But hey, I wrote an entire new novel last August in about 6 weeks, I guess I can do it again! Sometimes revamping a novel is harder than writing a new one. 

Wish me luck! I need it.


In the fine print: Lots of very cool news coming tomorrow!



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