Monday, August 23, 2010

TAKE ME THERE by Carolee Dean

Carolee Dean [info]caroleedean has been one of my good writer friends and critique partners for at least 10 years. We've been through So much together on this journey (angst) of writing and publishing. We both had our last books pubbed in 2002 (hers is COMFORT) and we both went through EIGHT YEARS of trying to sell our next novel. We both kept writing. And Writing. And Writing. And reading for each other. And wrote a book TOGETHER. And critiqued for each other. And changed agents together. And went to SCBWI conferences together.

(This is Carolee in the park, writing her FAB poetry.)

And then we sold our next books in the very same month - October 2008. And now, just two weeks apart, our newest novels hit the shelves. It's sorta like we're twins or something!

It's been an honor to share this writing and publishing journey with you, Carolee. 

And I'm so very, very pleased to show off her new book, TAKE ME THERE.

Gorgeous, eh? And provocative? And heart-swoony? And delicious?

TAKE ME THERE IS all that and more.

Gorgeously written, it's an important book about literacy and crime and prisons and how a kid caught up in events beyond his control, can change his life for the better. And it's a love story, and a family story, and  a thriller to boot with an incredible ending.

I have an AUTOGRAPHED COPY to give away as soon as I hit 100 followers on my Blogspot blog - or if you're an LJ reader, get your friends over here to add me to their list so I can hit 150.

That's it! Friend me, Follow me, check out THE HEALING SPELL, ask your library to order it. Just share the love of a writer's book journey. Yep, I'm also at

Carolee is also having a
TAKE ME TO TEXAS BLOG TOUR with a prize package full of wowza goodies.

AND!!! Just two weeks after the book hit the bookstore shelves - TAKE ME THERE has already gone into a SECOND PRINTING!



Christina Dymock said...

Congrats to your friend! Let us know if she comes North (Utah) for a signing!

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Wow, a second printing--that is AWESOME! Can't wait till you hit 100 followers, because I want a signed copy! And btw, the Bookanistas finally shared their Healing Spell copy with me, so I can't wait to dive in! :)



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