Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meeting Jennifer Cervantes!

Last week I did a book signing at Bookworks in Albuquerque (and which I still need to show pictures to y'all - how about tomorrow? :-)).

Yesterday I headed back over there for
Jennifer Cervantes' signing for TORTILLA SUN (Chronicle, 2010) , her debut middle-grade novel.

Isn't it pretty?

Jennifer and I met online, she lives about 4 hours south of me - and she is absolutely gorgeous and delightful and so friendly.

Here she is! (She also has stunningly beautiful daughters, too. Me, I have three BOYS.)

Jen and me with our brand new books, pubbed mere weeks apart. See, we're buds now. I already call her Jen, not Jennifer. If you go to her website, you can call her that, too. :-)

See the inside of my autographed book . . .

I love the blue sparkly interior!

And the book is set right here in beautiful New Mexico about magic and baseball and grandmothers and secrets and Hispanic curenderos - which are amazingly close to traiteurs (Cajun French folk healers) in Louisiana in my book, The Healing Spell. So I think me and Jen have the same wave length going on. I'm just not sure if SHE knows that yet . . .  I'd better ask her what her next book is about and make sure we're not channeling each other . . .

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