Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Book Trailer Manual is HERE! A MUST buy!

Darcy Pattison has written a BRILLIANT E-book about The Book Trailer.

Creating a book trailer is daunting, mind-boggling, time-consuming, $$$ consuming, hair-pulling, exciting and fulfilling - all at once.

THE BOOK TRAILER MANUAL is PACKED with information and ideas and tips and STUFF YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE.

And I do NOT say this because MY book trailer has been mentioned and linked to and loved by Darcy. :-)

Really, I wish I'd read this book before I got started. It's just that good and thorough.

And it's an E-BOOK. Which means you can go buy it and have it in your hot little computer RIGHT NOW. No shipping fees, no waiting!

I LOVE the cover, too!

And don't forget to sign up for Darcy Pattison's amazing and awesome
FICTION NOTES BLOG - if you don't already. It's wonderful. I read it faithfully and have for a couple of years. Such great tips on writing and publicity and blogging and, well, everything. She's got other E-books as well. She's a writing teacher, a conference speaker, and has published several books for children.

Darcy and I first met EONS ago on an old AOL Writer's Board. Back before blogging was even *thought* of. We lost track of each other for years, then met up again in the online world once more. The cyber world is very cool like that. And Darcy is totally cool. Go meet her!

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