Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snorts and Secrets . . .

I'm sure you all read him, but truly I was rolling over laughing last night at Nathan Brandsford's post on How To Write A Novel last night:

"We should probably first agree that this is a rather large topic. One might even call it rotund, ginormous, massive, weighty, of-gargantuan-proportions, etc. But lately I have heard from several would-be writers with a very common sentiment.

"I want to write a novel, I think I can write a novel, but for the love of Tim Gunn, how in the world do you write a novel?"

And that brings us to the most important advice I can offer in this How to Write a Novel overview. If you try and hold the entire novel in your head all at once and attempt to imagine it in its entirety and all of its various ins and outs, your brain will suddenly become so heavy that you will topple over backwards and pass out."

Just the imagery set me off.

Lately, I think I am going to explode. I've been on massive book launch, book writing, family crisis overload for about 3 months.

Tomorrow's post: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Secret(s) of Publishing

Yes, I will reveal ALL. Stay tuned, my darlings.


Kaylie said...

I am starting a major revision, almost a rewrite. I also suffer from exploding brain syndrome.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Good luck to you, Kaylie. It is HARD. But there are days when it's exciting, too, and those make up for the rest.

I think.

Hee, hee.



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