Monday, August 30, 2010

Armageddon Book Deadlines

Today's post will make more sense if you read this one from a week ago first: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Publishing a Novel
So the problem with Armageddon Book Deadlines is having enough time to get any Feedback. Drafting a book in 2.5 weeks and then having only two weeks to read it through, clean it up, add more depth and characterization and developing scenes – in other words, 8,000 words - and then ONLY HAVING ONE WEEK in which to get a critique and then do any more changes from said critique doesn’t work when all your critters have vacations, jobs, school, etc. The two people I usually go to for critiques,
[info]caroleedean  and Nancy Hatch have LIVES. Carolee has a full case load in her job as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Nancy just got back from her first two weeks in Vermont as a new student at the MFA program there and is still traveling doing some summer/college kids travel so to ask them to read and critique in one week just isn't fair. And yet! Nancy agreed to in between her first Vermont packet and essays needing to be written. Bless you, Nancy!
I CRINGE to think about sending a manuscript to my editor without ANYBODY having read it. Not even my agent can read that fast because she's been gone 2 weeks on her vacation and is doing major catch-up.
Thank goodness, the book is already under contract! I mean, I really am blessed (cursed?) to have that. Even if it meant writing TWO books to get ONE publishable one this fast. I hope - since Gorgeous Editor hasn't read it yet. Fingers and toes and eyeballs crossed!
I sent the manuscript by email to my very cute and smart Chemical Engineering college son. He's out of state, but agreed to read the thing for me and at least give me some general thoughts about the storyline and voice and continuity and any plot holes. Out of three sons, he’s always been my most fanatic reader, staying up way too late at night reading for hours and hours, buying original hardcover editions, and collecting books under his bed like other kids collect candy wrappers. By the time he graduated high school he had THREE huge bookcases in his bedroom FULL of books.
Of course, there are drawbacks to having an Armageddon Manuscript Critique from him. While he's really good at catching stuff and very smart about how a novel should be developed, he's also very HONEST. I get marked phrases such as, “Dumb, Mom,” “Your character is acting stupid!” “Eye-roll” or “You've already said this 10 times.”
Dern, he’s a hard-nosed reader!
But he’s really good at discussing issues with on the phone and in person he’s not near as ornery. Because then he’ll say, “It’s really good, Mom! I like it! I think it's going to be a great book!”
I love you, too, Jared.

In Other News: THE HEALING SPELL BOOK TRAILER hit over 1,000 views about a week ago – yippee! If you haven’t seen the gorgeous photography and the beautiful, perfect voice-over, please enjoy some Southern Atmosphere and Charm.


SWK said...

I would be going absolutely crazy if I had your schedule. Don't know how you do it! I'm struggling just to manage revisions for my editor on one book with a "normal-ish" pub schedule! Had to laugh about your son's honesty. I have 4 boys (3 old enough to read) and they, too, are sometimes frighteningly forthright about my work. But I do appreciate their faith in me--and their enthusiam! Hang in there! - Stasia

Christina Dymock said...
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Christina Dymock said...

I was wrong. You aren’t a rock star – you’re a super hero. Keep writing faster than a speeding bullet because your adoring fans are salivating for the next book.

Vonna said...

My head is reeling. Did I read this right? You drafted, polished, beta-ed and revised in six weeks? I have to go sit down.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Stasia: THANKS! I think I may need a straight jacket soon . . . so funny about your own boys, too. Yay for boys!

Chrissy: Super Hero???? Ha, ha! That is too funny, girlfriend! Thanks for the salivating though, that makes my day to hear.

Vonna: Um, yeah, you're not imagining things . . . I started drafting 6 weeks ago and the book needs to be revised and ready for my editor's eyes by this weekend. I am sweating it big time! After this I get 6 weeks to revise with my editor after she reads it for the first time because it has to go to copy edits by end of October. I think I've gone over the edge - all while trying to promote my new book, which I'm SO behind on doing now. Thanks for the comment! Prayers, please! LOL!



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