Wednesday, April 07, 2010

We have a Title!

It's been a week since I turned in my new manuscript to my editor and I have no fingernails left. Truly, she is brutal for making me wait! Kidding! It *is* hard though. My critique group loved it, my son loved, it, but the people who count the most: Gorgeous Editor and Super Agent have yet to read it . . . I will suffer in silence.

Meanwhile, my editor and publicist and the Marketing Brains at Scholastic LOVE the finished book trailer! I'm so excited to show it off - but you will all have to wait until about June before I can share. But there will be fabulous giveaway packs when the book trailer is released TO THE WORLD! Meanwhile, eat a donut - it helps the suffering.

Meanwhile!!! I did hear from Gorgeous Editor about the TITLE for my July, 2011 book. She really wanted to get something into the computer to hold my book's spot in the Summer line-up for next year.

For the past year the proposal and WIP has been called THE TRAITEUR'S DAUGHTER. It's a companion book to
THE HEALING SPELL. But only one character is the same.

We decided months ago that the word "traiteur" would be off-putting to young readers. And maybe some old ones, too.

I have had the worst time coming up with something I like. I turned it in with the title DAUGHTERS OF THE CIRCLE, but that sounds like women's fiction. I sent the following list with the manuscript. My favorite was the top one, but got nixed. Too "magicky" for Scholastic Book Fairs, I'm afraid.

Gorgeous Editor liked A CIRCLE OF SECRETS - but without the "A". She also liked GHOSTS OF THE CIRCLE. And yes, there are ghosts!!! And a graveyard. And beauty spells. but we decided that the word "ghosts" sounds too young for a tweener book.

So the final title - at least for the moment! - is CIRCLE OF SECRETS!

Whaddayathink? And whaddaythink about my list of *potentials*?

Secrets, Spells, and Charms
The Secret Circle
Swamp Spells
The Magick Circle 
Ghosts of the Circle 
A Circle of Secrets
A Circle of Magick
Secrets of The Circle 
The Beauty Spell
The Killing Spell
Mystery on the Bayou
Bayou Beauties


Hardygirl said...

I adore the title. And, I'm thrilled to hear that the companion book is about the Traiteur's daughter. I LOVE her!!!


Stephanie Cheryl said...

I like CIRCLE OF SECRETS, but I also really like CIRCLE OF MAGICK, and I think it would catch my eye more and make me pick up the book if I saw it in the store.

Kris said...

I like Swamp Spells myself...but ya gotta listen to those editors. :)

JustineDell said...

A Circle of Secrets, for sure ;-)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thank you, Hardygirl and Kris and Justine! I'm psyched!

I agree, Stephanie, CIRLCE OF MAGICK does look very cool . . . Scholastic doesn't want any "magick" or "witch" words in their titles. Book Club concerns, unfortunately. ;-)

Vonna said...

Circle of Magick would have been very cool, but I understand the problem. Since that is out, Circle of Secrets is a great choice!

elissacruz said...

I hate finding good titles. I'm calling you the next time I need one, k? :)



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