Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome Contest and Teen Book Drop - with cool pics!

THIS IS EPIC! GO HERE TO ENTER! So many fabulous prize packages! I'm impressed. Lisa and Laura rock and you must follow their very fun and funny blog.

Please donate a book to your favorite Native American tribe's library or schools!

A couple of years ago I visited Acoma Pueblo and did a school visit. They had a new library which was practically bare of books. I left a 30-copy class set of hardcover copies of my book, THE LAST SNAKE RUNNER for them.

Time travel. A war. A love story.

The village of Acoma, 2,000 years old, sits in a stunning location on top of a 400 foot cliff in a picturesque desert valley. See the houses on top? The tribal people still live there! It's an amazing place one hour west of Albuquerque.
I was there last weekend visiting my friends and watching the dances for the Governor's Feast Day and eating good food. The rock formations are spectacular.

Here is K'atizima or Enchanted Mesa just across the valley. The view from on top of Sky City is fantastic!

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