Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Checking out for a few days - tra, la, la!

I'm headed out this morning for an 11 hour road trip to Provo, Utah, for the LDStorymakers conference!!!

I can't wait! I'll be meeting lots of blogger buddies!

People like
Elana Johnson and Bethany and Suzette from Shooting Stars and lots of editors and agents and VERY COOL PEOPLE!

Here are a few more:
Aprilynne Pike and Bree Despain and Janette Rallison and Agents Laura Rennert and Nephele Tempest and Krista Marino from Random House.

Go here to see the rundown and the great schedule!

I also get to see my
BYU son! And my old roommates from college for a brunch! And my brother and his cute kids!

See you on Monday!

Be good while I'm gone and sweep up the peanut shells . . .

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