Monday, April 19, 2010

The Libraries in My Life

My blog post title sounds like a take-off on a romance - which might not be too far off the mark because I've sure had a love affair with libraries my entire life.

When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, my parents didn't purchase too many books from bookstores - we used the library. Every few months I got to order Scholastic book club books and TREASURED THEM. In fact, I still HAVE all those books! Yep, I do.

I got the newest Nancy Drew for birthdays but everything else came from the libraries.

When I was in my *Golden Age of Reading* - between 7-12 years old - my mother had two more children so she did not relish bundling up the babies/toddlers and the other 4 of us kids in the car to drive me downtown to check out more books. I pretty much read a book a day back then. I usually used the school library and when I was in Middle School I rode my bike a few times to the city library on my own. It hasn't been until the last ten years of my life that I've bought many books myself, and on a whim sometimes! It feels very indulgent and rich.

Enjoy some pics of "The Libraries in My Life!"

Westwood Elementary where my reading passion all began . . .

Concord Public Library . . . sort of . . . um, couldn't find a real good picture.

A library where I spent a lot of time studying during my college years: Brigham Young University's Harold B. Lee Library - isn't it gorgeous? It's a beautiful campus.

The city library I use the most now, remolded from when I first moved to Albuquerque and it was pretty pathetic and small.

The village library close to home where I go to write when I'm on deadline and my family is driving me nuts!

And now for some DREAM LIBRARIES . . .

I covet . . .

Cozy libraries! Don't you want to just fall into the chair and read all day!

I've always loved circular stairs . . . my orthodontist's office had one when I had braces as a kid and I loved going up and down those stairs to the examining rooms above. He had remolded an old fire house. Pretty cool, huh?

My first book on the library shelves. Yes, I took a picture!
Of course. 


Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, I love libraries and I LOVE that last pic of your book on the shelves. That has to be an incredible feeling! I'm lugging 74 books to the library tomorrow to donate. Now THAT is true love.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

74 books?!? Wow!!! I'm so impressed. Feelin' the love . . .



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