Friday, August 03, 2012

Fan Mail Friday - The Artistic Version

It's Friday evening and I'm just now posting. Busy day buying my new Apple iPad - my first Apple product ever! So, yeah, monumental day - ha, ha. (I celebrated by working on editorial revisions in the afternoon as well as paperwork and a trip to the fax store for a student loan for my son).

Every first weekend of August New Mexico has a tax-free weekend for people to purchase school clothes, school supplies and electronics for students and families - and save a little money. Really helps the retail businesses. Believe me, the stores are BUSY! Best Buy was packed and they had pallets of iPads and all kinds of electronic goodies.
If only it came in *purple* I would be the happiest girl, 
but pink is the next best thing!

I've been thinking about making this purchase for awhile and I am excited by all the wonderful things an iPad can do. It will be especially handy for when I'm traveling (which has been increasing the past year or two personally as well as with my life as an author) and next year with two books launching with both Scholastic and Harpercollins, I have a feeling travel is about to go into overdrive. I'm already booked for a Houston Author Teen Event in February, I'm a presenter at SCBWI Niagara Falls in May, a Whitney Award judge for LDStorymakers in May AND Book Expo America the end of May/early June - and that doesn't include any book launch events to be scheduled or school visits. And it doesn't include my 3 week trip to the Middle East (Jordan/Israel) in November.

Before I'm off to play with my nifty new toy while I watch all my hours of recorded Olympics, here are some terrific pieces of artwork sent to me by some of my new friends who've read my books. I *love* them! I feel so honored and thrilled that they took the time to draw or create something inspired by The Healing Spell. Here is a link to the book trailer I made for The Healing Spell - it's already received nearly 5200 hits, and for a middle-grade book by an unknown author I think that's pretty darn good! Yay!

Here is Livie and her baby gator and family and house.

And here is the swamp created out of tissue paper and some very cool yarn. See the hanging moss? Feels like we're right there! 

Thank you so much to my wonderful artist and reader friends! I will treasure these!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

P.S. So what have been your favorite Olympic moments so far? I confess I sit and cry through all the women's gymnastics.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kimberly! The book trailer is great. It is so cool to get pictures from readers of your books.

As for the Olympics, I've enjoyed watching the gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball.

Beth Stilborn said...

Congratulations on entering the world of Apple! Hope you enjoy your new iPad (I'm sure you will.)

Delightful art from your readers -- love that moss!

As for Olympics, I'm a new follower of the women's cycling. I got interested because an Irish friend has a personal connection to one of the Canadian riders, Tara Whitten, so I'm watching and cheering Tara on (she and her team have a chance at a medal today!) Also got interested in synchro diving this year. Eagerly looking forward to the equestrian events.

Jennifer Rumberger said...

Wow, I wish Michigan would have a tax-free weekend, that sounds so cool! Enjoy your Apple Ipad!

I love watching the swimming and diving at the Olympics and especially love watching Carrie and Misty play beach volleyball.

Carolee Dean said...

Eek!! I forgot all about tax free weekend. I must run out and buy something now.

You are going to LOVE the iPad. We should do Facetime.

DMS said...

Love the artwork! So creative! Congrats on the new ipad. It looks like such fun to play with. I would love one. I do have a Mac computer that I love.

Happy exploring. :) Oh- my favorite gymnastics moments have been the gymnastics and swimming.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments and iPad kudos - LOL! And I enjoy hearing what y'all like watching on the Olympics, although when it comes to the Olympics, I pretty much love it all and get swept up in the excitement. :-)



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