Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Which would *you* choose?

I've been a pretty good blogger on Tuesdays and Fridays the past few weeks - probably a record for me to be that regular! I read blogs every single day and comment on many, but posting . . . I'm a bit of a slacker.

So it's Tuesday and I'm hunkered down with these massively big editorial revisions and pulling my hair out and trying not to cry. Really - I'm hunkered down even as we speak! Well, I will be as soon as I post this and quit playing with my new iPad . . . ahem.

I have noticed that when I get up after each revision session I've got a terrible neck, shoulder and back ache because I'm so stressed wondering if I'm just making the manuscript worse.

I am **extremely** excited to be working with an amazing editor at Harpercollins (really, her editorial letter was pretty brilliant and our 2 hour phone convo a week ago even better) and I recently received two packages in the mail from her. Mail, especially packages, is ALWAYS exciting!

Exhibit A:

Here is what came inside those mysterious, yellow padded envelopes.

Exhibit B:

First, my marked up and edited manuscript with tons of questions and scenes to expand and make *sing* (swallows hard)!

AND yesterday I received a book that my editor worked on, DON'T TURN AROUND, which looks fabulous. A page-turning, rockin' suspense YA novel.(Thank you so much, dear Karen! It's my first book from an editor, too!)

So which would you choose to spend time with? I'm so tempted to crack that spine! But I know I will never make next week's deadline if I do.

Am I allowed one page? One line?

"When Noa Torson woke up, the first thing she noticed was that her feet were cold. Odd, since she always wore socks to bed."

Okay, I peeked! But I swear I will not read on!

What's odd is that the word "cold" is also in the first sentence of MY novel.

"A cold, sharp moon hung low in the eastern sky as I pulled back the heavy flap of the tent and peered into the darkness."

So Happy Tuesday = you get a teaser from my novel, pictures and angst. Isn't that what a good blog is all about?



Kai Strand said...

Heavy on the angst - the better! :D Good luck with the edits that you are diligently working on right now as I type this.

Susan said...

I pretty much always choose reading over work, so I would go with DON'T TURN AROUND. BUT, since I really, really want you to finish your book so I can read it, I'll encourage you to do the revisions ... You can do it! And thanks for the teaser :)

Jennifer Rumberger said...

What a fun post! That is also a tough decision, but even though it is hard, deadlines come first, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Read the book? Meet your deadline? The deadline has to come first, then you can reward yourself with reading the book. : )



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