Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Revisions FINISHED and other GOOD stuff!

The last 10 days has been, let's say, interesting? Mind-numbing? Frantic? Exhausting? Mind-stretching? 

I've been working 12 hour days. Right smack in the middle of it all, my computer started crackling and zapping and popping and then went black.

Fried the mother board - while doing revisions for my Harpercollins editor on my sexy YA novel (Fall 2013 lead title - I'm slightly excited, but you probably can't tell!! Nope, I'm cool, calm and collected).

Took a day to get up and running again with another old laptop sitting under my bed, but yes I . . .Finally finished the kick-me-to-the-gutter revisions yesterday and TURNED THEM IN. Yes, I hit SEND on the email to my editor, then sweated a little, then ate 3 donuts (yes, indeedy!) and went to lunch with Caroline Starr Rose and Carolyn Kuehn. 

Last Wednesday I was a guest speaker at WRITE ON CON the biggest, most incredibly awesome free online writer's conference ever. I was really thrilled to be a part of it, but afraid that I looked dorky or nervous in front of the camera. AND I realized later there was so much more to say about 3x5 card plotting. Here is the video to begin your tutorial!

I will be here again - soon I promise! - to talk more about Plotting Your Novel Using 3x5 Cards. Some GOOD stuff so check back in a couple of days while I pull it all together right here on my blog.

Meanwhile I'm going to eat some bon bons and read a book (I have 40 in my stacks that have been waiting patiently for me - me not so patient!)

BUT DON'T LEAVE YET! Here are some links to articles that I really enjoyed the past week:

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"Does Publishing Kill our Love of Writing?" by Kiersten White




Barbara Watson said...

Revisions wipe the brain so very much more than the writing part does. So YAY!! You're done! (for now.)

Christina said...

Congratulations! I ate a candy bar to celebrate with you.



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