Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Which I Tell You About a Must-Read YA Suspense in October

Look no further, dear friends. THIS book is your October book.

From the author of Take Me There, a fast-paced novel in verse about a girl caught between life and death—and the boy who will do anything to save her.

Ally is devastated when a scandalous photo of her is texted around school. With her reputation in shambles and her life essentially over, she hides out in a back hallway trying to figure out where everything went wrong.

Elijah has loved Ally for years and would do anything to save her from her in-between place. But if she's going to live, Ally must face her inner demons, and find the will to save herself.

Elijah has spent time in that hallway too. He landed there after taking a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Now he can see ghosts, and he knows what Ally has yet to suspect - that she's already half dead, and one choice away from never coming back.

Told in interwoven verse narratives, this crushingly honest and poetic exploration of pain and redemption will appeal to fans of Ellen Hopkins.

 Here is the brand new book trailer!

***I got to read this manuscript while Carolee was writing it (we've been crit partners and friends for about 10 years) and it's fantastic!  I think it's her best work yet.

Go read Carolee's latest blog post about one of her adventures in getting the flowers for the trailer:

Here's her website with tons of cool stuff:

See more about FORGET ME NOT here.

Find Carolee on Facebook, too, and Twitter. 


P.S. When FORGET ME NOT arrives I'll be giving away a copy right here!!!

P.P.S. Tomorrow is my DEADLINE. Kill me now. Give me some cookies!!! (Chocolate chip please and heavy on the chips, thank you very much.)


Joan Stradling said...

Sounds like an awesome book! I'll have to get a copy!

Best of luck on your deadline!! Sending virtual cookies (but not the kind that stay on your computer forever) with lots of chocolate chips!

And some ((hugs)) and prayers!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Looks great!

Susan said...

Oooh, this one sounds good. Thanks for the head's up! I'll definitely watch for this one.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thanks for the comments, girls! I think you'll like the book!

And thank you for the *cookies*, Joan!!! I need 'em . . . whoever heard of revising a 120,000 word book in 3.5 weeks?!?

Hugs to you all. :-)

Carolee Dean said...

Thanks for the buzz!! Eating cookies (sugar free) in your honor.



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