Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Very Cool Agency Site Redo!

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My agent is Tracey Adams and her husband Josh, also an agent extraordinaire, recently revamped their agency website.

Adams Literary Agency was the first agency to launch a website 5 years ago and the new and improved is fantastic!

Go here to see the new site: Adams Literary. Check out the "New Books" Page! I love the all the book jackets you can scroll through so easily!

You can FIND ME HERE! More updates will be on there soon, too, as Scholastic lets us share cover art and blurbs and synopses for THE HEALING SPELL (July 1, 2010). I can't wait!

I am very BLESSED and LUCKY to be with them. Tracey and Josh are so knowledgeable about the children's book industry and so much fun, too. Just last week, Tracey and I were emailing about a new blurb I got from the DEMI-GOD of Children's Literature of the past three decades (YES, HE READ THE HEALING SPELL AND IS BLURBING IT!!!) and she just picked up the phone to chat and squeal together in person. She said, "I've decided that phone calls are too infrequent these days, and it's important to connect voice-to-voice! " I so agree. Gave me a happy glow all day long.

In other news, check out this new book by fellow New Mexico Author Lauren Bjorkman, and part of the Class of 2009. Her debut novel is having it's birthday!!!! Congratulations, Lauren!!!!


storyqueen said...

Thanks for the heads up about the site. And YAY for New Mexico Authors (I used to be one, you know, before moving to SoCal).

I lived in Albuquerque, by Nob Hill.

I miss the smell of green chile roasting in the Fall.....sigh.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You lived in Albuquerque?!? How cool! I'm actually south of ABQ in Los Lunas right by the Rio Grande. And yep, right now is chili roasting time. I already got my box done and in the freezer last week. ;-D

I was born in San Francisco though and grew up in the East Bay Area. ;-D



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