Friday, September 04, 2009

My First Pass Pages are Here!

There's a whole bunch of us all on the same publishing *track*. [info]angie_frazier just got her First Pages as well as [info]seaheidi . We're all publishing Summer of 2010. Who else is out there? Let me know and I'll add ya to my list.

My pages came Wednesday and Ive been plugging away proofreading and hoping I don't miss a missed period or letter or apostrophe or something! Sort of nerve-wracking, but fun too! I really like the font and lead space in between the lines for easy reading.

I adore the quirky font for the title pages! It's gorgeous!

And my editor also showed me the back cover comp Scholastic is working on - it's way cool! A significant item(s) from the story is done in a photo illustration on the back as well as my super cool blurb and my super cool one-liner - all done in the same font. But I can't show that yet . . .

"Kimberley" got misspelled, but it'll be fixed for the galleys. I get ARC's too!

I LOVE Scholastic's logo - what a dream . . .


Justin said...

Can't wait to start reading! :)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thank you so much, Justin! You're too sweet!!!

Enjoy that new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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