Friday, September 11, 2009


1. I WROTE NEW WORDS YESTERDAY!!! This is a major accomplishment for me because I have a very, very, very difficult time getting STARTED. Overcoming the intertia of the blank page and the characters I'm groping to get to know. It's been two months actually since I wrote Chapter One of this new WIP. Yes, a looooong time. And it's under contract, no less which makes me very nervous. I'm back to chewing on my fingernails. The summer was crazy busy for me with travel and revisions/copyedits/production for THE HEALING SPELL and a new baby and people in and out of my house and extra people living in my house - so whew. Fingers crossed I can write *more* new words today and get a flow going.

2. Happy Birthday to my darling son, Jared!!!! I vividly remember the day he was born, an incredible, powerful day. He was a special baby in so many ways that I can't even go into here, and he's been a very special son. He's turning into a wise and wonderful man.

3. This day makes me weepy for many reasons now. A day of remembrance for our country, for the people who died, the people who sacrificed their lives to help them, the bravery and heroism and selflessness. I love the United States of America. Freedom, hard work, love and faith is the only way to keep our country great.

4. I'm LOVING a new writing book: THE FIRE IN FICTION, by Donald Maass. He is one of the great writing teachers of my lifetime. The Introduction is worth the price of the book alone. I just wish it was longer. Are YOU a Status Seeker or a Storyteller???

5. I am feeling very blessed this week because of my family and my friends and a wonderful agent and editor. AND the wonderful people of the writing community. My heart is overflowing. You INSPIRE me beyond words.

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