Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hodge Podge Tuesday - or Publicity Ideas 101

My new book, THE HEALING SPELL, isn't slated for publication until June 2010, but I'm going to be so busy finishing production work on it and then doing revisions and production work for my YA, SECRET RITES OF THE GODDESS, coming out Fall 2010, that I'm thinking way ahead on the publicity stuff. I'm also writing a brand new book tomorrow. Yep, you heard right. Although I'm not writing the ENTIRE book tomorrow, just a few pages a day until I finish - um, hopefully sometime in July!

So . . . . I started three months ago making lists about publicity ideas and contacting people because it will probably take me the next year to get everything in place with all the writing going on.

First, I hired www.swankwebstyle.com to design a new site for me. It's moving forward beautifully! Got my FAQ written last week and off as well as a bunch of other tidbits, like the Welcome Message, my short and long Bio, etc.

Currently reading a GREAT book:

This morning I checked out: Blue Slip Media These gals sound like fun, have a TON of experience and have worked with some of my favorite authors.

Still searching for the right company to design POSTCARDS. I want something better than my last cards . . . Oh, and don't forget bookmarks and business cards. THIS is one of the best postcards I've ever seen. And Brooke - EMAIL ME AND SHARE WHO DESIGNED AND PRINTED THEM!!!

Last week I sent stuff for Teacher's Guides to my sister, the schoolteacher, who is a FAB curriculum writer and way fun!

Yesterday, I worked on a panel proposal for YALSA 2010 Conference which will be RIGHT HERE IN ALBUQUERQUE - WAHOO!!!! How lucky is that?!

I've hired a FILM MAKER who is going to make my book trailers. Very excited about book trailers. I love them!

I finally SIGNED UP FOR FACEBOOK!! Please friend me!


Parties, contests, blog tours, giveaways, it's all coming!!!!! I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS!!!!!


Hardygirl said...

Oh my goodness! My head is spinning.

Are you telling me that once you get a book deal you DON'T get to sit back in your lounge chair by the pool and watch the royalty checks come streaming in????


Brooke Taylor said...

"sit back in your lounge chair by the pool and watch the royalty checks come streaming in????"

LOL--this cracked me up!

I'd thought authors got to be grumpy recluses--like Jack in As Good As It Gets.

--I'll have to hunt up the designer--she also had a super cheap contact for the printing. She pretty much just went off my website design and the art I already had for it. My web (brooketaylorbooks.com) was designed by another person who also does postcards & such--just was more expensive and busy at the time.

Anyway--I'll hunt down what I can and send it your way! Thanks for posting mine and the compliments. Funny side note--I was so excited by it, I didn't even notice that my name is spelled wrong until it was already printed. Oh well...

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

LOFL, sf!!! I wish!!! Man, I have a feeling I'm never going to work so hard!

Thank you Brooke! Things I like is are the fonts and the little yellow sticky-like notes with stuff about the book on the front and back of the card. Did you come up with those ideas and the text?

I didn't note the missing *e* on your name either! It's correct in the other spots though. ;-D

And I never thought about having my web designer do my postcards, too. Good idea to ask!

Thanks for your help!!!



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