Friday, June 26, 2009

Book are on their way!

A few days ago, I eagerly ordered some books from Amazon. I shop online because the closest bookstore is 30 miles from me. There's a *very small* Hastings close by but their selection is *very small*, too, and they specialize more in movies and games anyway.

So I got my "they shipped today" email this morning! It's true that I wait for a big enough order so I can get FREE SHIPPING.

The Bad: It takes longer to wait for them to arrive.

The Good: I save a few bucks every time and can buy more books!

GO HERE TODAY: Harper Teen. Click on the A KISS IN TIME book jacket and read the FAB first pages - it's fantastic!!! The best first line! I've read all of [info]alixwrites books and none of them disappoint. AND her book BEASTLY is going to be a MOVIE and it looks so cool! Major stars galore! And the hero/beast is WAY hotter than Robert Pattinson/Edward in the Twilight movies. JUST SAYIN'.

I met [info]mandywriter on Live Journal a year ago and she was so helpful during my agent search and I picked her brain a lot. Go Mandy and congrats on your first book!!!

I'm so happy for [info]cyn2write !!! Cyn was also SO helpful in flurries of emails we exchanged about agents, the biz, websites, etc. Love her. So go read her book!

Aprilynne Pike is another debut author and a bestselling one already! She and I know a lot of the same people, but she doesn't know me. :-)


Hardygirl said...

How fun!! It'll totally be like Christmas to open that box. These look great!


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Yeah, I'm getting anxious for them to arrive - even though I'll be a bad girl for cracking them open since I desperately need to start this new novel. I should have had it half drafted by now and I only have the first sentence! Pathetic.



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