Monday, June 15, 2009

Night Dreaming or Day Dreaming - what's the diff?

It's been 8 months since my book sale - 5 since contracts were signed - and I STILL have these nights where I'm so excited I wake myself up dreaming about my book's cover, drooling over my catalog page, designing postcards and bookmarks and creating book trailers. There's a part of me that can't quite believe I'm going to see THE HEALING SPELL which I spent 6 years writing and revising actually ON BOOKSTORE SHELVES as well as SECRET RITES OF THE GODDESS which was about 2.5 years in the making.

Maybe all this excitement keeps stirring the pudding of my subconscious (on second thought - make that brownie batter) because it took 8 years to get here again . . . a road I've been down, a road I've visited before with three other novels, a road that crashed and sucked my beautiful books into a black hole. BLACK HOLE = getting orphaned, non-existent catalogs, publisher going under - before book trailers and blogging and internet tours and LJ and Blogspot friends.

I found myself trying to start my career all over again.

But I stayed focus. I stayed determined. I kept writing. I kept believing in my stories. I kept revising and submitting. And I kept dreaming the dream.

And I heard the other day that my agent called my writing beautiful and lyrical.

Tonight I might end up dreaming about my words dancing on a stage in a purple tutu.

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