Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am I alone in endless tweaking?

The final revised manuscript of THE HEALING SPELL was sent off yesterday morning and then I got an email from Gorgeous Editor that she'd like to send the Dedication and Acknowledgments along with it to the copy editor today and could I send ASAP?

Well, sure! But I haven't even really *thought* about the D&A pages, let alone drafted a potential D&A for this book, although I have been keeping a list of the people who have helped me along the way.

I spent FOUR hours off and on writing and tweaking. Good grief. I am such a tweaker, but this seemed ridiculous. It was hard to get the words RIGHT. To say what I wanted to say about each person.

THE HEALING SPELL has had a seven year journey from concept to this point. A story I've always loved, but it took a lot of revision over the years and a long time to find the right publisher and editor.


Drumroll please and confetti and balloons and fireworks . . . JULY 1, 2010! Whoo hoo!

I was hoping for June, but it's pretty close. Just in time for people to read over their 4th of July holiday - and Livie's older sister, Faye, has her wedding in the book on the 4th of July!

We also have some cover comps!!! I think it's going to be gorgeous!!! Can't wait for the final to show off.

Off to hit SEND again! Have a great day everyone!


Rachelle said...

Wow! That is so exciting. I found you from LDSP and thought your news was pretty darn exciting! I'm waiting for a pub date to announce my book coming out in 2010.
I can't believe how many books you have in the works--amazing! Kudos!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Rachelle, thank you so much for visiting! It's nice to meet you! My book deal has been a long time in coming - so many years . . . and I still keep pinching myself. A dream come true and I love my new editor, she's awesome.

Your book sounds fascinating, too. I lost a baby in my 4th month of pregnancy and it was HORRIBLE. Went through labor and delivery at home, hemorrhaged, rushed to the hospital. Extreme depression and panic attacks months later. One of the most difficult and painful things we ever went through with some other repercussions that I still can't talk about today.

Your book is much needed. I was never allowed to grieve, people told me to just be grateful for my health, and that I would have more children. I never did, and now I'm too old. ;-D (It left so much scarring my tubes were blocked, but we didn't know that until 10 years later.) I do have three sons before we lost this child, but we wanted this baby so much and have always felt there was someone missing from our family. Okay, I'm starting to tear up just writing this . . . I hope the book does well for you, and I'm sure it was VERY difficult to write. Thank you for your bravery.



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