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FORGET ME NOT is the story of a young girl, Ally Cassell, who makes a rash and desperate decision after being bullied and ostracized to the point of humiliation. She then finds herself vacillating between worlds.

In this new realm Ally can see the ghosts inhabiting her school.

The structure of the school is a bit like Dante’s INFERNO. People gravitate to different areas depending on how they died.

Check out the poem below from Elijah’s point of view (he can see ghosts too) and discover who dwells where.

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(from pg. 112 of FORGET ME NOT by Carolee Dean copyright 2012)
Contact the author ( for permission to reproduce

There’s an abandoned football field
up on a hill that looks down
on the new stadium.
It’s filled with soldiers from some
obscure civil war battle that didn’t
make it into the history books.

Day after day
boys barely older than me
fight the same war.
Night after night
they lie bloody on the grass.
Every now and then,
when one of them is ready
to cross over,
a raven comes
to take him
to the next world.

There used to be a courthouse
where the old gym stands.
They hung murderers
and horse thieves
on the steps.
That’s where the
violent offenders go.

As for their victims,
they occupy a
corner of the prop room
behind the theater.

There’s a dark corner
in the cafeteria
reserved for those
who starved to death.
Two members
from a family of early settlers
who didn’t store enough
food for the winter
and an anorexic cheerleader
from the nineties.
An abandoned ropes course
is home to the foolhardy,
and the weight room
at the back of the gym
is for the jocks
who still can’t believe
they died in their prime.

The administration building is
A melting pot
of those who succumbed
to fatal diseases,
broken hearts, and
people who just got stuck
for no apparent reason.

Not good. Not bad.
Just too mediocre
to continue on.

The Raptor Circle is the home of the one person
who died from an act of God.

As for the H-Hall,
I spent a week there last spring
when I went up to the old football field
and swallowed that bottle of pills

When I was in middle school,
Frankie used to take me
up on the hill
to see the games.

Now all I watch
are dead people.

From this perspective,
it’s like viewing
a theater in the round.

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

Great trailer! Great premise. I'm adding it to my list. :D

Carolee Dean said...

Thanks for being Stop #1 on the Tour!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Wow. What a premise.

Joan Stradling said...

Very cool! I love the excerpt and trailer! I'm convinced. I have to read this!!



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