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What I've Read so Far in 2012!

This year I started something new. I've actually been keeping track of all the books I've read during the year in a Word document. 

Innovative, right?! Ha! Between books purchased, checked out from the library, or loaned to me by friends, it was always so difficult to remember everything I'd read during the year and I knew it was incomplete come December. This past January, I changed all that - I started a Word document and have been listing them as one of my yearly goals. :-)

My good friend Caroline Rose recently posted her list here at her blog, Caroline by Line. 

She and I intersect with many titles and lately we've discussed some of our favorites, which is always fun and enlightening

Here's mine - so far. I have 35 sitting in huge piles waiting for me. With more looming on the horizon since I have about 8 books on Hold at the library.   

Total so Far this year: 74 Books! 

Children’s & YA Novels: 

Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Trapped by Michael Northrop
May B by Caroline Starr Rose
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
The Visconti House by Elsbeth Edgar
Eight Keys by Suzanne LeFleur
Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming
Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes by Auxier
The Trouble with May Amelia by Jennifer Holm
The Aviary by Kathleen O’Dell
How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr
Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George
Variant by Robison Wells
The Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs
Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes
Miles from Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams
Girls Don’t Fly  Kristin Chandler
The Humming Room by Ellen Potter
Starters by Lissa Price
With a Name Like Love by Tess Hilmo
Sean Grisham’s Head by Lindsey Leavitt
Slayers by C. J. (Janette Rallison)
Shifting by Bethany Wiggins
Legend by Marie Lu
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
Wonder by R. J. Palacio
Bigger Than a Breadbox by Laurel Snyder
Where Things Come Back, John Corey Whaley
What Happened on Fox Street? Tricia Springstubb
Tighter by Adele Griffin
Chime by Franny Billinsgly
Shine by Lauren Myracle
Grave Mercy by R.L. LeFevers
The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
The Wild Queen Carolyn Meyer
Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindle
Desert Angel by Charlie Price
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Leisl and Po by Lauren Oliver
Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker
Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin
Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone
Iva Honeysuckle by Candice Ransom
Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter
Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage
Small Damages by Beth Kephart
The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford
Don’t Look Behind You by Michelle Gagnon
Skylark by Meagan Spooner
My Mixed-Up Blueberry Summer  by Jennifer Gennari

Non-Fiction Books:

7 Miracles that Saved America by Todd Stewart
7 Miracles that Saved the World by by Chris and Todd Stewart
America’s Hope by Douglas Brinley
Growing up Amish by Ira Wagler
Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo
The Writer’s Book of Hope by Ralph Keys
The Bedouin by Jamail Jabbar
Bedouins of the Desert by Alan Keohane
Belly Dance by Wendy Bonaventura
Lehi’s Journey by Lynn and Hope Hilton
Jordan, Past and Present by E. Borgia
Arabian Travels by Wilford Thesiger
Travels in Arabia Deserta by Charles Doughty
The Shallows: How the Internet is Transforming our Brains
Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

Adult Novels:

Rebecca’s Tale by Sally Beauman
The Dressmakers Daughter by Kate Alcott
Sister by Rosamund Lipton
The Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler
State of Wonder by Anne Patchett


Caroline Starr Rose said...

So fun "talking" books with you yesterday. Our lists really do have a lot of similarities.

I loved LOVE, AUBREY and picked up a copy of EIGHT KEYS at IRA (actually, my school and library rep sent me a box of books I requested in the display area!). I haven't read it yet, but what surprised me was how acquainted with it my younger guy was. He told me all about the Scholastic Book Fair video that told about the book and was really excited to see we have it. Shows that those videos do make an impression...

Susan said...

I read several of these this year, too. I loved HOW TO SAVE A LIFE -- very touching, especially for an adoptive mother. I also adored THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, which surprised me because I'm really not into animal books. Still, it was absolutely amazing!

Thanks for posting your list. It was fun to look through :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

I'm so impressed with your list. I always intend to do that myself. I always reread (or listen to the audiobook) some of my favorites each year. I've been thinking of doing a blog post about my reads since the last blog post. Ugh

Anonymous said...

Quite an impressive list. I'm nowhere near reading that many books this year.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I keep a list too and include any agent and editor info. You're a bit ahead of me. I think I've read 58 books so far.

S.P. Bowers said...

I keep a list too, at least I did but it fizzled out in June. I'm going to try to re-creat it but I'm sure it won't be exact.

Looks like we have some similar tastes.

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

I love this list! I'm impressed!

I'm keeping a list for the first time, too. I'm on #53, 54, 55, & 56 right now (wow, I've never been reading 4 books at once before until now!).

Jennifer Rumberger said...

My list would have a bunch of picture books on it, but of the middle grade I have read, probably about 10 were on your list. Plenty of others I would love to read. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Watson said...

Fun! I don't keep a list but need to. I do keep a list of the books my daughter and I read aloud together because those are extra special.

Veronica Bartles said...

What a good idea! I should start keeping track too - especially since I remember the stories so well but forget titles/author names fairly quickly. A list would help for the next time someone asks for a book recommendation! :)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I love all your comments - thanks so much! I think if you've already read 50+ titles you're doing GOOD.

I did a lot of rereading of research books as you can see in the non-fiction section.

And picture books are totally awesome, Jennifer. I didn't write those down - the ones I read to the toddlers this year, but we've read some really good ones. What are your favorites?

Natalie, you are very smart to add the editor/agent info to the list. Okay, that's my goal for 2013! I'd love to hear about any patterns you're seeing.

I look forward to seeing your reading lists, Donna, and anybody else who blogs about it. Keep me posted, ladies.

Happy Day, everyone!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Impressive. Not just that you've read so many, but that you've kept up with them. I need to do this. A simple word doc may be the answer. People are always giving me those fancy "Books I've Read" notebooks. Ha. Lost by the wayside.
Oh, and thanks for starting the year with Glory!



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