Thursday, June 14, 2012

Very Important Thursday Links!

You still have until midnight to enter my huge 9 book giveaway as a celebration of my book cover release for WHEN THE BUTTERFLIES CAME (Scholastic, April, 2013)!!! Go HERE: Thrilled to pieces giveaway!

And go HERE ------> to read Caroline Starr Rose's second post in her "Navigating a Debut Year: Private Life

A quick excerpt: 

Compare or begrudge the successes, sales, or careers of others: About six months ago, there were a number of posts in the blogosphere about envy and contentment. There was tremendous response from readers confessing similar feelings. The drive to compare is such a gut-level thing it’s sometimes hard to avoid. Some people are able to use comparison as a sort of motivation for their own work. Not so with me. Comparison leads to frustration and feelings of inadequacy...or feelings of superiority, none of which benefits me. My friends’ successes don’t somehow negatively reflect on my own efforts. There is room for all of us. Just because my career will unfold differently from someone else’s doesn’t make it wrong and doesn’t give me the right to be bitter with others’ success.

If you missed the first post about Public Life as an new Author go here:

The third Post about Navigating Your Writing Life appearing tomorrow!

And winners!

May the Force Be With You!!!

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