Friday, June 29, 2012

Fan Mail Friday

I've never posted fan mail on my blog or Facebook before, but I thought it might be fun to do after seeing some other writers post a few of their precious letters.

I've also realized that I'm actually a very disorganized person (yes, this epiphany has *come* to me for about the thousandth time now!) 

Because I've never created a folder in my email box to hold all the lovely and adorable letters I've received from kids around the country. I've also gotten a bunch of snail mail, too. Which is actually quite silly and stupid because it would take a whole lotta time to find them now . . . 

There are so many ups and downs with a writing career (mostly feels like downs - at least they last a whole lot longer!) that I need to keep my letters to remind me that I actually created something important and special and to have the proof that I touched someone's heart or life with my words.

So I've been digging around and rustling up a couple here . . . and a picture! I received an email from a teacher who said she had some girls who'd read THE HEALING SPELL and anted to write to me. About two months later, the letters arrived AND the teacher took a picture of them holding their very own copy of the book in their hands! Wow. It brought tears to my eyes. I keep it sitting on my shelf next to me and take a peek once in awhile to remind me of who I'm writing for - and that they're waiting for the next book.

And aren't they absolutely BEAUTIFUL? I wish I could reach through the picture and hug every one of them! Just. Adorable.

Letter #1:

Dear Mrs. Kimberley Griffiths Little:
I recently finished reading The Healing Spell.  I loved it. Usually I wouldn't finish reading a book because the beginning would not get me hooked but the second I started reading your book I couldn't put it down . . . (there's more but in the interest of time/space . . . )
P.S. When I would check out a big book I would freak out. But all you have to do is forget how many pages are in the book and just enjoy the great book for itself.

Great advice! 

Letter #2:

Dear Mrs.Little,

Ok first let me say hi hows its going? Ok. I would like to say Circle of Secrets is the best book made in history beside the bible of course. But i really love that book and it will be soooooo awesome if you made a book similar to that. Oh and i have read the last snake runner to loved it. But i really love Circle of Secrets. I'm a 11yr old girl who my mom came from Louisiana and my dad mom is is creole so new orleans and i can relate too the setting. And i can imagine this story in my head so i love the imagery. So i think your the best author ever. Really outstanding. i read books everyday i am very well a book worm. But Circle of Secrets is a truly outstanding book. Please right back Mrs. Little.

 *love*, *love*, *love*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second only to the Bible? I think I scored a home run. :-)

P.S. I just created a Fan Mail Folder in my Inbox.

Happy Weekend!


P.S. I'm off to celebrate my wedding anniversary! Do you have any big plans this weekend?


Barbara Watson said...

Kids are so genuine! I want to hug those girls too. And 'the best book made in history beside the Bible of course.' LOVE THAT! That will keep you going for a long time.

Christina said...

How fun is this?! These girls are so amazingly adorable. Thanks for sharing their letters. I hope you do this again next Friday.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I am in love! These are precious, Kim. xo Enjoy your anniversary weekend.



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