Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have a lot of new followers and many of you may not know that I publish an email newsletter once a month called SPELLBINDERS: A Newsletter for Educators with Carolee Dean. This is the end of our second year and we publish it only during the school year, October - May. We're getting thousands of subscribers now and are so excited about its success - so please come join us or PLEASE spread the word to the teachers and librarians in your life.

SPELLBINDERS is geared toward teachers and librarians as well as parents and homeschoolers, focusing on literature and literacy and great ideas for the classroom as well as home. There's lots there for writers, too!

For instance, the March issue is all about book trailers, making them for yourself and in the classroom or at school with your students. And Carolee discusses *how/why* book trailers are helpful for different kinds of student-learners in her column. 

SPELLBINDERS comes direct by email into your Inbox and if you'd like to sign up for it let me know in the comments. OR go here and sign up at the bottom of the newsletter by clicking on "Join Our Mailing List". It's ONLY once a month so it does not clutter your Inbox at all!

You can also read each month's issue as well as ALL of our terrific past issues at our blog:

Enjoy, and happy weekend! I have a really busy one so my next post will be Monday - and very fun, cool stuff is coming next week so please come back! FREE stuff, too! :-)

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