Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Bookanista 2011 Books!!!

Last week on THIS POST of incredibly exciting new 2011 books by the Bookanistas, I forgot a few more of my new peeps! See, I'm still figuring my way around this whole very cool, very starry group of Bookanistas.

Believe me, I am the total unknown, invisible Bookanista gal. I'm like the unpopular, geeky dweeb just noticed by the cheerleaders and jocks at high school and I'm just happy to tag along and get my head patted once in awhile. Kidding! Sort of. LOL!

Unfortunately, their cover art has not yet been revealed so stay tuned.

Gretchen McNeil's YA novel, POSSESS is coming out August 23, 2011 with Harper Teen!!!

Matt Blackstone's YA novel, A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE, about a teen with O.C.D, will be published July 5th by Farrar, Straus & Giroux!!!

If I've missed anyone else, please comment or email me!!! kglittle at msn dot com

And if you don't already know, this is what the Bookanistas are all about!

The Bookanistas! Books are the new black!

Who are we?

We are a group of writers–in various stages of the publishing process–who have decided to band together and review the special books of our peers.

But there are no negative reviews here! As fellow writers, we have decided to only post positive reviews, and are therefore only reviewing the books we LOVE.

We post reviews every Thursday that cover various topics: upcoming ARCs, special diamonds in the rough, classics–even cover-art reviews or reveals. We also do genre spotlights, blog tours, giveaways and author interviews. All posts are cross-linked to each other to provide maximum exposure for the review.

If you would like one of us to review your book or ARC, feel free to contact me and we will add it to our list to share and swap.*

Here is a list of the Bookanistas and links to our blogs:

Katie Anderson
Matt Blackstone
Rosemary Clement-Moore
Christina Fonseca
Sarah Frances Hardy
Jamie Harrington
Carrie Harris
Jen Hayley
Michelle Hodkin
Kirsten Hubbard
Corrine Jackson
Shelli Johannes-Wells
Elana Johnson
Stasia Ward Kehoe
Jessi Kirby
Kimberley Griffiths Little
Myra McEntire
Gretchen McNeil
Shannon Messenger
Carolina Valdez Miller
Megan Miranda
Beth Revis
Lisa and Laura Roecker
Veronica Rossi
Veronica Roth
Shana Silver
Scott Tracey
Bethany Wiggins and Suzette Saxton

*We do not currently review self published titles, and since we only review books we LOVE, we may not post reviews for all the ARCs/books we receive.
*Also in accordance with FTC guidelines I will say that yes, most of our reviews are based on an ARC given to one of the Bookanistas for free by the publisher, and it’s then passed around amongst the group.*


Caroline Starr Rose said...

You guys just keep growing and growing!

On a side note: want to go see Jane Eyre when it comes out? Carolee is interested as well as a few other of my local writing friends.

Bethany Wiggins said...

You are the best! Thanks!!!



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