Sunday, February 06, 2011

Monday Morning Fab Links!

So I'm off to the dentist at the crack of dawn to get my teeth scraped and poked and picked at and inspected for cavities. Yeah, just a routine cleaning, but sometimes it's "ouch!" Then my teeth are crunchy the rest of the day from that awful "toothpaste" they use.

I give you a couple of must read articles so that you have a better Monday than I'm going to. But I'm FINE. Really. (crunch, crunch.)

You've probably already read Sara Zarr's INCREDIBLY moving speech at the New York City SCBWI conference (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) last week - or you were one of the lucky ones to hear it in person. Me, I must live vicariously through all of you . . . :-)

If you're a writer, you have LIVED this talk.

If you're a writer, you could have written this talk.

If you're a writer, you must hear/read this talk.

Thank you to NOTES FROM THE SLUSHPILE for her fantastic notes on Sara's talk.

And this link will make you snort milk out of your nose:
True Experiences from editors about unusual times and places they have been *pitched* or handed a manuscript from a newbie, wannabe, clueless person.

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