Tuesday, February 01, 2011


We were packed up to leave for Arizona and take a break from winter doldrums -- and woke up to 4 inches of snow! It's still coming down and there was a total white-out for my hubby trying to get into work. So he's home today and playing *hookey*.

It's hard to call your mom who hasn't been feeling up to par for months and tell her we can't get out of town.

But I have lots to do to keep me busy!

After reading the Unabridged version of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO the past month (totally incredible and emotional novel! I sobbed twice in the last 100 pages) I'm going to be watching this today: They say it's the best, most accurate version of the book.

Finishing reading MOON OVER MANIFEST.

The story is getting interesting with two time periods and interweaving stories told through a Hungarian medium . . . and I have a signed copy through a mutual friend - autographed by Clare Vanderpool *before* the Newbery win so my book doesn't have a sticker. Pretty cool, eh? Wonder where I can me one of those pretty, shiny Newbery stickers for my copy . . . anyone with connections out there???

****Yesterday, I finished a script for the book trailer for CIRCLE OF SECRETS (Scholastic, October, 2011 -- ONLY EIGHT MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!) and sent it on to my book trailer people at Nua Music who are so awesome and talented. We're going to do LIVE VIDEO for this one!!! If you haven't seen the terribly awesome book trailer for THE HEALING SPELL here it is for your viewing pleasure:

So what is everyone else doing today on February 1??? What are you working on? What's a great book you just finished readying? Please tell!

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