Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey guys! What are y'all doing right now? Besides snarfing bags of M&Ms and Cinnamon Santa's, I'm scrambling to finish all my Christmas prep. I got me some dang good recipes, too. Melt in your mouth brownies, lemon tarts, chocolates, caramels, decorated cakes . . . :-) Goodie plates are going out tomorrow to all the neighbors if you wanna move in next to me real quick.

Writing updates: I turned in my copy edits last Friday and sent a partial and proposal for a Very Cool Gothic Paranormal Thriller Set In A Castle to my agent this morning which she wants to read over the break. (Yes, I love me some capital letters, ho, ho, ho!)

While launching THE HEALING SPELL the past few months I also outlined a new middle-grade novel, drafted it, revised and editorially revised AND got through copy edits! We read first pass pages in January, my editor says. It's been a whirlwind and sort of surreal. 

October 1 is the official pub date!!!

Gorgeous cover art is coming in 2011 for the paperback of THE HEALING SPELL and the new novel, CIRCLE OF SECRETS!!! I can't wait to share!!! 

Have a restful, wonderful week, everybody! I'm sleeping and reading and going to the movies and playing with new toys - and hugging a lot of people! 


Grigore Roman said...

Merry Christmas!!! And Happy Holidays !!!

Jemi Fraser said...

You've had such a great year - hope 2011 is even better. Merry Christmas! :)

Annah said...

Ate like a huge piggy last night. YUM. And now having coffee. Just reading blogs.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Major thanks to Grigore and Jemi and Annah! (I love how you spell "Annah" - totally cool.)

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. I got major sick, but still had fun as I popped massive amounts of Ibuprofen. :-)

And Jemi, you are SO sweet to say that! I'm very touched.



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