Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday and holidays!

I am honored to be a guest blogger at THE COZY READER I wrote about the making of my book trailer.  Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the process as well as the fabulously talented people at Nua Music for their original music, sound design, voice-over actress and production work - AND the adorable and talented Shayne Leighton who helped me find many of the images.

Jessica, who runs The Cozy Reader, blogs about books and is a real sweetheart
. Thank you, Jessica!

My family and I also finally got to spend some time together yesterday.

The Albuquerque Zoo is an awesome zoo!
And we went to the Biological Park Gardens and Butterfly Pavilion.


Making the flamingos feel loved.

Playful kitties

Inside a waterfall!

Wish it was my own personal garden! But I can pretend - I'm a writer. :-)

Then we went and saw the Sorceror's Apprentice, a very fun movie. The place was packed. Tickets were only 75 cents apiece! I kid you not!

So what did you do over the weekend???


Alleged Author said...

Stayed away from the four fires surrounding our house all weekend! Was so frazzled I couldn't even write without one of my characters catching on fire. ;P Wonderful pics!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Wow! That sounds scary - plus it sounds very Katniss-like, characters Catching Fire . . . ;-)



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