Wednesday, September 01, 2010

While reading your critiques and trying not to get depressed. . .

You whip out the credit card and jump up and down excitedly for a fabulous new book by one of your favorite authors - Barbara O'Connor, who hails from the South and writes the best MG novels ever.

Here is her newest book, launched just yesterday!

COVER LOVE! So perfect for Middle-Grade Readers!

My copy is on its way to me. TWO copies actually. One to keep and one to give away! And I may be buying more since I have nephews who love to read!
All you gotta do to win my extra copy of THE FANTASTIC SECRET OF OWEN JESTER is to tell me one of your favorite scenes from THE HEALING SPELL

Or tell me that you're going to give a child or teacher or friend or librarian THE HEALING SPELL for Christmas. Or just because! Because we love books - just because they're so fabulous!

Thanks for entering! Have a wonderful, book-alicious day!


Vonna said...

Ah, that adorable wedding-reception romance starting on p.282. I was sitting in the waiting room of a dr.'s office while reading it and I grinned like an idiot the whole time. Delightful!
I was so glad to be kept waiting.

Christina Dymock said...

My fav. scene? I know it’s strange, but, I loved when her father ripped out the stump and chopped it into nothing. It was such an honest portrayal of a man. I could see every man in my life doing the same thing. Then when we find out later why (spoiler alert – I wont say a word) it made it even more important.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Ah, Vonna, you truly made my day, girlfriend! I worked on that scene with my editor - just that scene - with all of its nuances for two days to get it right. Then stupid old BCCB said in their review that T-Jacques wasn't needed in the story, that he only served the author's purposes. I was like - what the heck?!? There is so much to talk about in a professional review of The Healing Spell, so many relationships and plot points and faith and magic and character growth and *that's* what they focused on?

Chrissy, I agree! I love that scene with daddy. Shows him protecting his family and all of his own anger and guilt coming out, but Livie and the reader don't know why yet.

Thanks for entering! Winners announced after the holiday weekend!



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