Monday, September 20, 2010

Mother/Daughter Book Clubs!

Mother/Daughter Book Clubs are the new, best thing about reading! Have you been in one? Are you currently in one? Do you want to start one?

This is
THE WEBSITE (MDBC) you must go to if you want to start your own club with your friends or to find some great book lists and suggestions. The books on the MDBC website have been reviewed and vetted as some of the best for your club. Mother & Daughter themes and strong girl themes. Check it out!

I think Mother/Daughter Book Clubs are a very cool idea -  and what a GREAT way to bond with your daughter and discuss fun and important and interesting issues in your lives and the world. Books - one of the bestest ever inventions! As Richard Peck once said, "Books are BETTER than real life."

And don't think that it has to be Mothers and Daughters doing a club. It could also be Grandmothers and Daughters and Granddaughters and Sisters and Step-moms, etc. What a great way to spur conversation and discussion about so many topics with the girls and women in your life.

On the MDBC Website, you can also find
Book Club Guides, like the very cool one my sister wrote for my book THE HEALING SPELL.

The Healing Spell
is the featured book in the Mother/Daughter Book Club September Newsletter! I'm very honored! 

Mother Daughter Book Clubs have been greatly inspired by
Heather Vogel Frederick's adorable series: The Mother Daughter Book Club published by Aladdin.

Book Four, PIES AND PREJUDICE, was released just last week! Cute title, huh?
Think about the friends in your own life and your daughter and her friends and try having a book club meeting this fall. If you do, please let us know how it goes and share your experiences and thoughts! 


Terresa said...

I have 2 daughters, and have been thinking of starting up a mother-daughter book club for years. Thanks for the reminder & inspiration!

PS: Your book, The Healing Spell, sounds beautiful, I just added it to my "to read" list.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Terresa, so glad I gave you a little *nudge* with this post! Hope the club goes well!

And if you use the Mother/Daughter Book Club Guide for THE HEALING SPELL, I would LOVE to hear about it and maybe we could do a Q&A about the experience or a guest blog or something? That would be awesome! And I'm thrilled and honored you're going to read my book. Wow.

btw-I love the Chocolate Chip Waffle! I've actually been following you for awhile through Bloglines, and finally became *official*! Thanks for finding me here! :-)



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