Friday, March 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday

Because I forgot to copy and paste here yesterday!

1. I'm thankful for fabulous, caring agents chatting me up in Bologna and showing off ARCs and book trailer - Tracey and Josh Adams!!

2. I'm thankful for a wonderful and amazing husband! Who took a stack of postcards for THE HEALING SPELL with him to work today! Yes, they arrived by UPS yesterday and look gorgeous! Still waiting for bookmarks. Got some design problems we're working out . . . And yes, you can still pre-order through the link there. Just a little ole reminder . . .  :-) Sorry to be so EXCITED!!!

3. My first 5 star Goodreads review!

Kay wrote: "I read The Healing Spell in one sitting.
Kimberley Little hones in on exactly how it feels to be twelve with the weight of an emotional burden too big to bear. The lush yet sometimes menacing Louisiana bayou provides the perfect backdrop for Livie to come to terms with the frustrations of being a middle child who doesn’t fit in, and overcome the tormented certainty of knowing that she is the one responsible for tearing her family apart. With “faith and love entwined” evident throughout, The Healing Spell is a perfectly paced and layered story of forgiveness, healing and family. This beautiful and unique story adds to the world of middle grade fiction."

Gorgeous review - thank you!!!


Stephanie Cheryl said...

Five stars!


You're awesome. :-))

I love your thankful list on a Friday.

Vonna said...

Congratulations on your great review!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thank you Stephanie and Vonna, you girls are just too sweet! :-)



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