Monday, March 29, 2010

Adventures in Revision

HELP! I'm locked in the library bathroom!

I've been going here to get some quiet away from my rowdy house to get my book ready to send for the first time to my Gorgeous Editor next week. It's just a small, unassuming library in a little town along the Rio Grande . . .

With the regular Restroom OUT OF ORDER.

Gotta get the key and go down the hall. Except I waited until I was desperate to go and the front desk told me the key was taken by someone else. I hurry out the main doors down a hallway where the other bathrooms are located and a teenage boy is coming out of the Men's room. I ask him for the key, open the Ladies Room, give him back the key with a "Thank You", and proceed to do my business.

After washing my hands, I try to get out, but the door is locked. LOCKED! Down a hallway with no traffic so I can't bang on the door and attract any attention. I SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE KEY SO I CAN GET OUT. Why didn't the boy tell me that, I wonder?

Thankfully I'd brought my cell phone with me.

I call home: "This is going to sound really silly, but I'm locked in the bathroom. Can you look up the phone number for the library? I'll call and ask someone at the front desk to come rescue me." (I mean REALLY! How embarrassing! And what kind of bathroom locks from the inside anyway!)

Home: Laughs at my predicament. Off to get the phone book.

Meanwhile I absentmindedly keep jiggling the door handle and worrying about my lap top left alone in the far corner. I'm worried someone will make off with it and my BOOK manuscript! I don't care about my laptop so much as my manuscript that took me a YEAR to write!

Suddenly! The bathroom door opens! It's not locked after all. It's just silly me unable to open a simple door.

In my defense, the latch is a very odd/funny one and opens *backwards*. Sheesh!

I escape, hurry back to my corner and my computer, red faced.

My family just laughs. 
Of course. 


Book Crazy Jenn said...

LOL I had to laugh :) Too funny! I assume your lap top was still there happily waiting for you?!

storyqueen said...

Poor you!!

I remember driving by that library....miss New Mexico on days like this.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Laptop was still there! Whew!

Vonna said...

I'd have popped an artery over that laptop and its precious contents!



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