Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures in Revision, Part III

Last week was nuts trying to get the book finished. My original goal was to get it to my editor on Friday. Did. Not. Happen. Too much LIFE. (Code word for babies, birthdays, problems, and constant interruptions).

I also had to leave on Friday to go out of state (8 hour drive each way) for a family wedding and Mother-in-Law birthday. Spent most of Friday doing laundry and packing and we got on the road late. Still had to buy birthday present, too.

Stopped in Gallup New Mexico for dinner 2.5 hours into our journey and the car started making HORRIBLE - AND I MEAN TRULY HORRIBLE noises.

Me: "Um that really sounds awful. Like the front end is about to fall off."

Husband: "Oh, it'll be okay. Let's go to the next town and see what happens. (Next town being 60 miles away of deserted highway.)

Me. "But it really sounds terrible. Don't you think we should have it looked at?"

Husband: "Well, if there was a Pep Boys around we could take it in and have it looked at within a couple hours probably if they're not busy." (Which would mean getting to Phoenix well after midnight, but we're tough. And we've done it before.)

Me: Oh, look there's a Pep Boys right across the street!" (Seriously - there WAS! )

Husband: Utter shock on face. "Wow. There is.'"

Me: "It's a SIGN. Pull in there now!"

There's even no wait time - yay!

Half an hour later, our car up in the air  . . . 

Pep Boy Guy: "You need a UV Joint and a tire rod"

Husband: "So can we make it to Phoenix okay?" (300 miles still)

Pep Boy Guy: "This car won't make it to the other end of Gallup. It's literally falling apart."

Two hours later, there are no parts for our car *anywhere* in Gallup. Pep Boy Guy orders one and has it Fedexed from Indiana. It will be here in the morning at 10:30.

We get a hotel, Very Nice Pep Boy Guy takes us to hotel in his personal car.

I work on revisions in hotel until 11:00.

I work on revisions in hotel the next morning while part comes in and they install it.

Check out of hotel and pick up our car at 1:00. Get on the road. Trying to go 300 miles in 4 hours, ha, ha! Will miss the wedding ceremony, but still make dinner and visiting with family. We DON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING. Well, one itsy bitsy potty break. And to change into some nicer, wedding-type clothes at a gas station.

Work on revisions in the car all afternoon.

Work on revisions at my brother in-law's house Monday.

Work on revisions in the car driving back home on Monday.

Work on revisions Tuesday morning.

Hit SEND to Gorgeous Editor at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

At 12:35 receive Out-of-Office Email saying she's home sick.

Still chewing fingernails to see if she even got the email and attachment . . .

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