Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brenda Bowen, Bowen Press, Harpercollins

Brenda Bowen's new imprint at Harpercollins, Bowen Press is GONE. Just like that. GONE. Brenda FIRED, before her first books are even published this spring. Brenda must be reeling in shock. She was one of the great editors of the last 15 years when her authors started winning BIG publishing awards like Newbery winner Karen Hesse for OUT OF THE DUST which Karen dedicated to Brenda. And now she's out of work? Yikes! (And she's probably only in her 40s).

I'm in shock and yet I never actually worked with her.

I met Brenda for the first time at SCBWI LA in 2007. I was very excited to actually meet her in person and see what she was like and chat because Brenda was the very first editor to write me a personal letter with a rejection way back in the Dark Ages (AKA - "Before computers, email, blogs, blue boards,") She was so sweet and encouraging and that letter helped keep me going in the face of hundreds of rejections which followed over the next decade. I told her that in person a year ago and it felt really good to convey that to her even though she couldn't remember me from Eve. I mean, it's been like 20 years. Okay, we are *not* going to think about THAT.

I also feel like a just dodged a publishing bullet. In November Brenda Bowen came very close to acquiring my novel THE HEALING SPELL when Scholastic came through with a three book deal and we went with them instead. How crazy is that?!

Just when we thought the layoffs and firings and closings were mostly over . . .


Brenda Bowen said...

Hi Kimberley -- I just this minute came across your post. Thank you so much for your support and UMBRAGE! I wish you all success with THE HEALING SPELL. Congrats for placing it with Scholastic! Cheers -- Brenda

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Brenda,
Thank you so much for finding me and posting - and thanks so much for the kudos, too! I wish you all the best wishes in your career direction and that you will be led to your dream job.



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