Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings

As I get to know the Live Journal community better I've enjoyed the writers out there who have *tagged* days of the week for certain topics to write about. Teaser Tuesday, Thankful Thursday, Five Things on a Friday, etc.

So I'm dubbing today as Wednesday Wanderings:

Wandering #1:
School To World Event on Saturday went great! 2,500 middle school kids came through the convention center in groups, or with their teachers and parents all wanting to look at my books and talk about writing careers and what to do while they're in high school. It was super fun to talk to them! Such a range of thoughtful and excited students. (Of course there were other areas to explore such as technological careers, but writing is way more fun!)

Sold a couple dozen books, and RAN OUT of ALL my handouts and business cards and candy by late morning! I had no idea there would be such a huge turnout or interest. Next year I will bring twice as many!

Since the event I've been contacted by a librarian wanting to buy 25 copies for a class set of Enchanted Runner, recently back in print. And another teacher who is arranging a school visit for May 1. Cool!

It was SO great to visit with Carolee Dean and Lois Ruby, too. I rarely get to talk with other writers so that was a real treat for me. They've both got some great books so check out these two wonderful writer women.

Wandering #2:
We don't get much in the way of conferences and publishers in our neck of the woods and our local SCBWI schmoozes are mostly populated by beginners so author extraordinaire Kersten Hamilton, has started arranging a luncheon for any published writer located in New Mexico or coming through to meet so that we can talk "shop". We'll have a chance to discuss school visits, editor/agent problems, the publishing business, etc with other writers who know the pitfalls and problems and angst of selling a book and having it published. Our first one was last month and it was a great start. Lois told me on Saturday that the discussion we had last month about her current WIP was most helpful and she is going back to rewrite the story with an older character and make the story YA instead of Middle-Grade. Good luck Lois!

Next meeting/luncheon is Tuesday, March 25th at the Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque. Straight up NOON, pardner.

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