Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I love having my birthday on Valentine's Day!!! :-)

As a kid, I always knew how to decorate my birthday parties.

I always received a heart-shaped box of chocolates from my grandpa until I turned 12 and he died later that year.

My darling husband picked up the tradition when we got married and he surprises me with it somewhere - like under my pillow. Today it was hidden under my computer keyboard when I got home from class this morning. Gosh, is my computer habit that obvious? Hubby knows what I like - Turtles! Gooey, chocolate, carmel-ly, nutty Turtles. I get the whole box. I usually eat nothing else all day until the birthday dinner.

When our three boys were younger hubby gave them instructions NOT to eat any of my birthday chocolates. But I get each of them their own box and everybody is happy. ;-)

Today darling husband got up at 5:30 a.m. to bake my heart-shaped Valentine Birthday Cake. Heart-shaped cake pans. My mom found them somewhere when I had my first birthday and passed the cake pans to my husband when we got married.

At 1:00 I'm getting a massage. And girl-talk. Aah, heaven.

Today I'm extremely grateful for my LIFE, my FAMILY AND FRIENDS and God's incredible blessings!

Go tell the people who matter most to you that you love them. Go eat chocolate, go read a great book - or go write one.

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