Friday, February 08, 2008


REJECTIONS always arrive in brown manila envelopes – unless you purchase the pretty white 9x12 envelopes which is only slightly better than manila because it’s still a REJECTION after all.

We hates seeing big manila envelopes in the mailbox. (I'm channeling Golum for some weird reason.)

GREAT things come in #10 size envelopes. I got two of them this week.

#1. A lovely fan letter from Abby, Age 10, who reads Cricket magazine and wanted to let the editors know that she liked my story “Rattlesnake Rain” from the August issue. Cricket made me a copy and forwarded it my way. Thank you!

#2. A second envelope from Cricket WITH A CHECK!!!

My story, "The Mummy Tent", about ancient Egypt will appear in the March issue and "Crawfish Boil on Alligator Swamp" will be in July - YAY!

That means two more #10s with MONEY coming my way. I’m so mercenary. But I like the cash validation. Who's with me?

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