Monday, August 12, 2013

All the Things! Lots of Catch-Up!

Hello friends and bloggers!

You may have noticed that I did not get a Friday Links up (My "While Cynsations was Out of the Office" series) because I was flat in bed much of last week. I even had to cancel the home-school writing workshop I was scheduled for on Thursday as well as my Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday post. My flu/cold/thingie came out of left field and took me by surprise.

Also, last week I got the copy edits for my Summer 2014 Scholastic title, THE TIME OF THE FIREFLIES - which are due TODAY. Yep. Gulp. (Insert silent panicked scream here).

So blogging went out the window. Although I do - 99% of most days - manage to be on Facebook or Twitter at least once or twice so if you're not following me there you're missing out on ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! Ha, ha. So go HERE and HERE right now and come back instantly! 


My humorous, satirical piece on Friend for the Ride blog is at THIS LINK. Check out all the fun and a THREE-BOOK GIVEAWAY! You can Enter until August 25th.

WRITE ON CON IS THIS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY! And I'm doing a post called Revision 101 Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. 

Write on Con is a FREE Online Writer's Conference for two whole days at the link with posts and panels and vlogs by editors, authors, and agents! Amazing, super informative, and a few authors have been able to pitch their stories and get agented through this conference. Read the Success story at the link. Go to the links for the faculty and schedule so you don't miss anything.

The previous 3 years' conferences are all archived so go back and read and watch some very cool stuff.

And last, but not least, my new book, WHEN THE BUTTERFLIES CAME (see my sidebar for gorgeous cover!) is the August Scholastic pick for their Mother-Daughter Book Club site! 

I'm thrilled to pieces! Check out the recipe and the Club Guide on the site, too.

Plus, here is *my* marvelous MDBC Guide that my sister (who is a teacher) put together. It's fantastic! And free for download right here at my website:


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