Friday, July 12, 2013

While Cynsations was out of the office . . .

One of my favorite writers, bloggers, and friends is on hiatus from her site/blog Cynsations. Yes, THE Cynthia Leitich Smith! A wonder of a woman, a wonder of a writer, and a wonderful friend to all writers and authors in the children's lit world.

I've always loved her Friday round-up of Links and News and while I can't even BEGIN to do what she does, here are a few links from blogs/articles that I've particularly enjoyed the past month or two.

Blogs that Resonated with me for one reason or another. Or perhaps a blog that served as Inspiration. Or a blog where I Learned Something New. A blog that Made Me Think. (Yes, capital letters like Emily Dickinson. I often like Capital Letters.)

Herewith are The Links:

Reads4Tweens: a Great Book Review Site

Where I am Ridiculously Honest when it comes to Writing as a Career: Emphasis on "Ridiculous" by Dawn Metcalf: I loved this and laughed and cried and could relate Too Much!

Can You Make a Living From Writing? by Chris Eboch  Practical, good advice!

Mette Ivie Harrison on Writing for the Long Haul Jannie Lee Simner is running a series with Authors on "Writing for the Long Haul" so check out the rest of those posts. One each week. Love them!

Innovations Traditional Publishers Should Try: I've thought some of this myself! Great ideas!

Are You Building an Audience of Writers & Not Readers?: From the blog, Writer Unboxed. If you're not regularly reading this blog it is a MUST! Go subscribe, follow, whatever. Do it now.

Is Your Author Website Doing It's Thing? 6 Things to Check: by Jane Friedman

Five Traits of Published Writers: by Megan Shepherd (agency sister of mine and Author of "The Madman's Daughter" pubbed by Harpercollins)

On Writing Risks and the Safety Net via PUB(lishing)CRAWL by Kat Zhang

Finally, have you seen this new YA book trailer for Holly Black's upcoming YA, The Coldest Girl in Cold Town?

Are you going to read it? What do you think? I remember reading about the deal in Publisher's Marketplace and thinking that it takes a vampire book to its limits. Sounds gory, but intriguing. Not sure if I'll read it or not . . . the jury is still out.:-)

Happy Linkety-Link Reading this Weekend!



Jill Haugh said...

Thanks for the links Kimberly. I bookmarked "Reads for Tweens" and will pass that on to my twelve year old. She is always on the lookout for the next yummy read. Also, Dan Blank's article was... interesting. How did I know when I started reading it that he would tell me I have to do more! (I just had a feeling...) Sigh. Okay. I'll do it.
~Just Jill

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Jill, thanks for your comment and I'm glad the links could be helpful.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about some blogs being overwhelming. But don't take Dan Blank's piece and make it depress you. We can only do one thing at a time. It's easy to get overwhelmed and not all advice, I've found, is completely correct for every writer or book or career. Little by little wins the race - and throw out what doesn't feel right! Well, it's not exactly a race, but you know what I mean! LOL.

E.S. Ivy said...

I love reads4tweens blog. It's particularly great for parents who want to keep an eye on what their kids are reading when they read too fast to keep up. :) The reviews do a great job of presenting a balanced look at any issues that might be in the book so that you can make decisions and have discussions with your reader.



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