Friday, July 19, 2013

While Cynsations is Out of the Office . . . Super Duper Links!

One of my favorite writers, bloggers, and friends is on Summer hiatus from her site/blog Cynsations. Yes, THE Cynthia Leitich Smith! A wonder of a woman, a wonder of a writer, and a wonderful friend to all writers and authors in the children's lit world.

She does an amazing Friday round-up of Links and News for Writers and while I can't even BEGIN to do what she does, here are a few links from blogs/articles that I've particularly enjoyed the past month or two. I've even categorized them this week!

Website Tips and Info: 

Your Homepage is not as Important as You Think by Jane Friedman

Three Ways to Improve Your Website Design by Jane Friedman

Is Your Author Website Doing its Job? 6 Things to Check by Jane Friedman

10 Ways to Build Long Lasting Traffic to Your Website by Jane Friedman

 Just some Opinions: Don't Take Everything You Read to Heart! 

Ways Authors Waste Time "Building Platform" on Social Media  by Anne

Goodbye to Twitter Village, Lessons Learned  by Benjamin Anastas

Social Networking: Snubbing a Potential Fan? 

General Writing Posts that are Mah-velous! 

Boundaries for Writers by Kristi Holl

On Writing Despair, Juicebox Mix by Libba Bray

Fear, the Uninvited Guest by Robin LaFevers - go to Writer Unboxed and read EVERY POST Robin has ever written. She is Simply Brilliant! 

Printz Award and the Power of Story: Honorees Get Personal

Breaking Bias, Maureen Johnsons Coverflip Challenge  - Fascinating look at book covers and gender bias. Loved the covers shown.

Sarah Zettel, Writing for the Long Haul: this is the newest post in the "Writing for the Long Haul" Series on Janni Lee Simner's blog.

Other authors Jannie has had so far are here:

- Uma Krishnaswami on honoring unreasonable exuberance
- Jennifer J. Stewart on finding community and support
- Sherwood Smith on keeping inspiration alive
- Mette Ivie Harrison on defining success
- Jeffrey J. Mariotte on why we write
- Judith Tarr on reinventing ourselves
- Kathi Appelt on the power of story
- Cynthia Leitich Smith on balancing business and creativity

About the Writing for the Long Haul series

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading!



Caroline Starr Rose said...

Hello, dear. I've been thinking so much of you but haven't gotten around to contacting you. Thank you so much for the Writer Unboxed link. Everything Robin writes speaks straight at me. And you know fear is my biggest obstacle!

My vacation was refreshing and wonderful. I read Shogun (which I've meant to read for decades) and Rose Under Fire, which is an amazing follow up to Code Name Verity.

I suppose you're writing your heart out right now.
Miss you! Let's chat soon. xo

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You're home!? Welcome back! So glad it was refreshing and wonderful.

Yes, I'm knee deep in several overlapping things . . . and all the surgery appts with Aaron. BUSY summer! Let me figure out when I'm in town next and we can catch up over lunch! XO



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