Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Best Books of 2010! And I've been chosen for a Best Cover Contest, too!!!

The last couple of days has been amazing! I found out I'm on several Best of 2010 Book Lists!

Cynthia Leitich Smith even chose THE HEALING SPELL for one of her *best of* books! I'm so honored!!! Cynsational Books of 2010

Greg Leitich Smith also chose my book for his "Greg's Favorites of 2010". Thank you, Greg! (Cynthia and Greg make THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER! Just sayin'. Which has nothing to do with the fact that they chose my book. I promise that no filthy lucre exchanged hands.)

Sheila at: Why Not? Because I Said So! Wow!

Rose Green chose it, too here! She read my book and is now reading it again with her daughters! 

Great Book Club Books for 2010!!! (The Mother/Daughter Book Club Website)

And then yesterday I found out that my cover has been nominated as one of the best covers for Middle-Grade books for 2010!

Go to LDS Publisher's 2nd Annual Cover Contest!

Voting will run until midnight THIS Thursday, January 7th so HURRY over and vote for your favorite cover!

The gal who runs LDS Publisher picked her favorites and on Friday will tell us her top Fav as well as give us the winner from all the Voters!

Please Vote for THE HEALING SPELL! Well, only if you really like that cover best. It's about COVERS, not content. But still!!!

And the paperback cover for THE HEALING SPELL is being totally redone for this coming September 2011 and I can't wait to get permission to REVEAL!

So what was one of YOUR favorite books of 2010? I'd love to hear!

My own personal list of great reads from 2010 is being compiled  . . .


Christine Fonseca said...

I have a feeling you have some great things in store for 2011. just sayin'

Alleged Author said...

I'm so happy for you and your books! To be announced on a slew of "best of" lists is a great accomplishment!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Christine, gosh, how very sweet of you to say that! Thank you! I guess we will see . . . ya just never know when it comes to publishing! ;-)

And thank you SO much, dear Justine!



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