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Turning the Conference Notebook Page . . .

If you missed my post last Friday about author Bree Despain's workshop on Paranormal Young Adult books, go here: Peek Into My Notebook . . .
Josi Kilpack is a Very Cute Author with lots of energy and enthusiasm and the writer of delicious romantic suspense who gave a great workshop on how to make your first Bookstore Booksigning or Book Launch Party a great success.


1. When you're scheduling your book party, don't schedule more than two hours. Ninety minutes is even better. You don't want the party to lag and you don't want to get tired and feel yourself and your smile drooping. Ninety minutes is plenty of time to give your talk, do your dramatic reading, autograph books, visit with everyone and eat all that great food.

2. Door prizes are fun! Something simple and not too costly, but prizes give it a real festive air and get people excited to attend.

3. Guest List: Invite everyone you know, no matter where they live. You never know when they might be in town the day of your book signing and attend!

4. Send Invitations no more than two weeks before. People will forget if you send them out too early. Your invitations can be a postcard, a note on cardstock, flyers on community bulletin boards, your email list, Facebook Friend's list, Twitter, and an announcement through your website. Create a Facebook Event with details. (My own personal note: I get invitations to events on FB that have no details of location, town, address, or time of the event so don't forget those details!) Include On-line Ordering for those who can't attend the event.

5. Pace your Social Networking Announcements. Don't saturate announcements through your online venues and bore people or bug them with all the me, me, me talk.

6. Invite the Media. Send out invitations to librarians, teachers, the local newspaper and radio, other writers, neighbors, potential readers and past readers.


7. Dress For Success: Coordinate with your book cover! Not too formal (don't wear a cocktail dress and pearls unless that's the kind of party you're putting on and have let your guests know ahead of time, but truly, it's not needed for a book signing.) But not too casual (no jeans or jammies ot T-shirts).

8. Take full advantage of THE NIGHT! Have a sign-up email sheet for those who want to get on your mailing list.

9. Give each guest attention - make things positive. Let your guests know you were glad they were there. Don't be monopolized by your long-lost roommate from twenty years ago who wants to catch up and keep you in a corner.


10. Feel good about what you've done, the work you put into it, the time and money well spent. No Regrets! For those people who could not attend and ask how the book launch went, be enthusiastic and DO NOT bemoan all the people who didn't show up. Even if all you had was 5 people ACT AS IF IT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU HAD A FULL HOUSE. Your attitude and enthusiasm will infect your non-attendees to run out and get your book. And they won't miss your next party!

11. Send THANK YOU NOTES to the bookstore and its employees and all those friends and family who helped you out. Blog your Thank You's. Facebook Thank you's to all your attendees.

12. Evaluate: Do more people know about your book after your launch - whether they attended or not? Think about what you would do differently next time? What have you learned?



Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thanks for stopping by, tagskie! Come back again anytime . . .

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Great ideas. Now, to get my book accepted by an agent and then a publisher. Thanks for the obvious effort and creativity you put into your blog. It is appreciated, Roland

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Thank you, Roland! I'm glad you've enjoyed the posts. Good luck to you, too!

elissacruz said...

This is a good list. Thanks for sharing!

(Not that I need it anytime soon, but still...)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You *will* Elissa, you will! :-)



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